Slender-Billed Cockatoo (Long-Billed Corella)

Slender-billed cockatoos are actually typically neglected for other cockatoo species that possess extra significant emerging aigrettes on their heads. However, their pleasant, special individualities as well as outstanding talking capacity produce all of them some of the much better cockatoo options. They are actually not as loud as various other parrots. They are actually a prominent family pet in their native Australia and also are progressing known in other aspect of the planet.

Kind Overview POPULAR NAMES: Slender-billed cockatoo, long-billed cockatoo, slender-billed corella, long-billed corella

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cacatua tenuirostris

ADULT SIZE: 18 and also 20 inches, evaluating regarding 1.5 pounds

LIFE SPAN: fifty years

Origin and also History

The slender-billed cockatoo gets in touch with southeastern Australia residence. They choose woodlands as well as open industries as well as typically travel in big groups estimated to be much more than 1,000 birds.

Throughout the mating season, pairs are going to go off to build a nest near water in eucalyptus trees or rocky cliffs. The bride and groom mates forever. If one goes missing out on or even dies, the various other take ins wonderful misery.

Farmers in Australia look at slender-billed cockatoos an annoyance since these gigantic flocks can ruin a season's plants. Planters have actually retaliated by poisoning a few of these birds. Urban groups are more prevalent near Perth and Sydney. This population growth comes from the launch of excess pet dog birds.


Reviewed to various other cockatoos, the slender-billed is actually a wonderful dog bird. These smart birds are outbound as well as welcoming. Their shenanigans will certainly keep you entertained for hrs.

While slender-bill cockatoos are delicate as well as very tender, they're also some of the even more individual cockatoos. That does certainly not indicate they don't long for focus, they still carry out. Having said that, these cockatoos are not as desperate as various other cockatoo varieties.

In the wild, they're made use of to being virginal. They are actually one-person birds. After forming a connect along with you, it lasts for life.

Speech and Vocalizations

Of the cockatoos, this species is the most effective talker; it can easily learn full, very clear sentences as well as simulate phrases and also whole paragraphes to near brilliance. On the flip side, they are actually likewise thought about a "silent" parrot and do not shout as loudly or even as usually as a lot of.

Slender-Billed Cockatoo Colors and Markings

The slender-billed cockatoo is a chunky bird with a relatively amusing look. Its own grayish-white beak is actually slimmer and really lengthy. Unlike numerous various other cockatoos, this species does not possess a prominent crest. It is quite brief, and, when certainly not extended, you will hardly be able to see it. It is actually almost tough to tell that the bird is actually a cockatoo.

This bird's feathers are mainly white colored along with a salmon-pink hue. The feathers on its wings and brief rear are actually white colored with ashen yellowish bottoms that are actually very most obvious in trip.

This bird is actually monomorphic, implying that operative or even genetic sexing is actually the only method to say to men coming from women. If you look carefully, having said that, you may discover that a fully grown girl (at the very least 5 years of ages) has a brownish iris while a male possesses a dark iris.

Caring for Slender-Billed Cockatoos

Slender-billed cockatoos are actually affectionate family pets. These birds crave communication with their owners and need regular managing and also socialization to maintain their psychological health.

Slender-billed cockatoos that feel overlooked will occasionally resort to devastating actions. For the bird's wellness, do not take one home if you are going to not have the ability to invest at the very least three hrs a time along with it.

They are actually large birds and require a large cage. To keep a slender-billed cockatoo comfy, the minimal crate measurements should be at minimum three-foot square, but bigger is actually consistently better. You ought to likewise buy a moveable parrot play stand that can easily follow you. These birds love to hang around near their proprietors. The position keeps the bird occupied while maintaining the bird near you.

Around the moment that the bird hits sexual maturity (around grows older 3 to 5), male slender-billed cockatoos may experience a hostile stage called bluffing, which is typical one of parrots. Manage this changeable time frame of attacking, hissing, or insolence along with a dosage of persistence as well as bolster the training you have set up. If you have kids, this parrot might not be the right choice if you possess a slender-billed cockatoo that has certainly not arrived at maturation yet.

Cockatoos naturally produce a fine-grained down that aids maintain their plumes tidy. This dust will coat the surface areas near the bird as well as can easily set off allergic reactions for those who are sensitive to dirt or pet pollen.

Common Health Problems

Cockatoos of all species are prone to most of the same health and wellness problems. Any type of pet bird that feels disregarded or even lacks exercise may begin plume plucking as well as harmful eating. To stay clear of these excess behaviors, offer your dog with a lot of toys and focus.

Like various other parrots, slender-billed cockatoos lean to obesity as well as fatty cysts if their diet does certainly not consist of sufficient clean veggies as well as fruit. This varieties is likewise susceptible to psittacine beak as well as plume condition (PBFD), a virus-like ailment.

Diet regimen as well as Nutrition

In the wild, the slender-billed cockatoo uses its long, slender beak for digging up light bulbs, seeds, and roots, specifically coming from the pot red onion lawn.

Like all cockatoos, slender-billed cockatoos lean to weight problems, therefore proprietors ought to check their fat intake. Prevent supplying sizable quantities of high-fat seeds like sunflower as well as safflower. Certainly never feed birds avocados or even dark chocolate; these foods items are actually poisonous to all of them.

A well-balanced diet should be composed of high-grade pellets, a medium volume of seed mix, and everyday helpings of new bird-safe fruits and veggies. To start, offer around 1/3 cup of developed diet regimen as well as 1/3 cup of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Incrementally incorporate little volumes as desired if the bird eats all of its food. Carry out not fattened.

Fattening can result in discerning consuming and also lavish throwing of food. Adult and juvenile birds are actually particular eaters.


Slender-billed cockatoos need to have a minimum required of 3 to four hrs away from the crate every day to stretch their muscles as well as participate in. This activity assists the bird preserves peak mental and also physical health.

These cockatoos are actually typically curious as well as like to chew on wood furniture and electric cords-- a likely catastrophic danger. When it is out of the crate, train your birds to keep at their play position as well as carefully monitor the bird.

To urge good chewing behaviors, have a ready source of bird-appropriate toys for them to eat, understand, and also climb. Expect to replace the toys on a regular basis. Rotate the playthings in as well as out as the bird sheds enthusiasm in a thing.

Where to Adopt or even Buy a Slender-Billed Cockatoo

Contact slender-billed cockatoo dog breeders to observe if you can easily spend a long time with their birds. If they are actually a good match for your property, chatting to somebody experienced in keeping these cockatoos will definitely assist you choose.

Talk to breeders for how long they have actually been actually multiplying and travel their center. Be sure that the bird you take away is alert, active, as well as displays all the indications of a healthy bird, such as brilliant eyes, clean plumes, and complete plants.

The rate variations from $3,000 to $4,000 for hand-tame little ones or even adults that need to have a brand-new property. Some on the internet resources where you can easily locate slender-billed cockatoos include:

  • Bird Breeders

  • Unhappy Grey Rescue

  • Embrace a Pet

Slender-billed cockatoos are actually commonly ignored for various other cockatoo types that have much more considerable rising aigrettes on their scalps. While slender-bill cockatoos are very affectionate and sensitive, they're also one of the much more individual cockatoos. These cockatoos are actually certainly not as clingy as other cockatoo varieties.

Around the opportunity that the bird hits sex-related maturation (around ages 3 to 5), male slender-billed cockatoos might go via a hostile phase called bluffing, which is regular amongst parrots. Like all cockatoos, slender-billed cockatoos are prone to weight problems, therefore owners ought to track their fatty tissue consumption.